On my heart.

When Chris and I were dating, we had the most amazing pen-pal kind of courtship.  A full summer of letters {for real letters, not emails, no texts... can you imagine?!}, sweet little packages, and long talks on the telephone.  He would ask me what he could pray about for me {this was a first!} and send me his favorite books on prayer and worship.  He rocked my world in more than one way but he laid the foundation for a relationship that knew where to turn for guidance.

One day I received a card from him in the mail.  He wanted to share with me a verse that had been on his heart.  It read...

    “Enlarge the place of your tent,
    stretch your tent curtains wide,
    do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
    strengthen your stakes.     

Hmm...And then I moved on.  

Fast forward 5 years and as he proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building, he reminded me that he felt called towards an un-ordinary life.  One full of purpose, surprise.  One in which he was instructed to spread wide his tent.

Hmmmmm... and then we moved on.

Today, another 7 years later {yeah, it took us awhile}, we are on the precipice of a move that might take us a bit closer to both literally and figuratively spreading wide our tent.  By a miracle that neither of us yet fully comprehends, we are placing one foot in front of the other and by faith, lengthening our cords. We are making our way towards realizing a dream of ours with no other explanation than the verse that my husband heard that summer in 2001.  The Lord is mysterious in ways I find harder and harder to comprehend and his blessings are just so abundant I might scream.  My heart overflows with gratitude and awe.  

And that's what's on my heart today.