P is for Paley, Pink, and Party!

DISCLAIMER: I apologize, kinda, for the length and number of photos in the following post. 

But, last weekend we celebrated our little P's first birthday and I wanted to share it with everyone!  The entire day was filled with sunshine {90 degree weather!}, family and the best friends we could ask for.  We enjoyed southern strawberry and lemon almond cupcakes, apple pie {thank you, Auntie Kristi!}and homemade peach and vanilla ice cream {courtesy of Grandma Carol!}. Oh, and we had an overkill of PINK {Our motto is "it's never too much"}...

So, for those of you who had to miss this momentous occasion {or those of you who want to relive the day}... enjoy!

{yes, I made P's smash cake all by myself - homemade cream cheese frosting and all!}

{mom and I picked up fresh dahlias at the farmers market the day before and we used them down the table}

First on the agenda: Presents!

Next: Cake {not exactly her first taste of sugar - thank you Grandpa for the Twinkie}

{P making up to Rhys for trying to steal his hat}

After the presents & treats were gone, we let our sugar highs take us into the lake...

Hudson & Maddy

And what's a day at the lake without a ride in the paddle boat?

Ryan & Rhys

The House of Thorns

The Douglas clan

Kirkpatricks {minus Rhys}

And even Nana & Poppy joined in!

Jaimee & Rhys

{Seriously?? Karen & GG feeding her more sugar...}

The adorable Madeline Thorn

Grandma Carol.  We love her.

 Uncle Baby teaching P how to ride her new purple sparkle-mobile.

And Uncle Alex showed up after his baseball game to get some P-love!

Hudson and the bubbles that he ceremoniously dumped.  

Happy Birthday, Paley Caroline!
I love you.


4241 SW Torr Lane, Lovely

Ok, I've always thought that if I had a ton of money {2.5 million, per se}, I wouldn't be the kind of gal to spend it on a house.  I mean, seriously, who needs that much house??  Apparently, I do.  And the most interesting part of this dream home is that I've actually been inside it.  Like, for hours.  Long story, and many moons ago {ie. college), I was the nanny for a wonderful family who happened to be friends with the cool folks who own this house.  If memory serves me correctly, this family is young, super hip, uber-attractive, and very laid back {the kind of family that seems to live on Mahalo time even when they're not on vacay...}.  Anyhow, one evening I spent an entire night playing sardines {if you don't know this game, you're L.A.M.E} here and I fell in love, love, love with every nook and cranny of this glorious abode.  Looking back on it today, this home is probably my subconscious inspiration for almost anywhere I live.  So, without further ado, please meet my dream home...

PS. Don't judge me because I just uploaded over 30 images of ONE house.  Love makes you do crazy things.

PPS. If you do happen to be the kind of person who has a pocket full of cash, and have fallen in insta-lust with this home, it is currently on the market for $2,375,000 - and can be seen here.

PPS. If you do buy this house, please invite me over for coffee.