Week 1: P90x update

Week 1: done! Now, here's the real deal.

The good: I made it through and have loved feeling my sore muscles. It reminds me that I am not turning into mush. I must say, I honestly enjoyed the workouts and they reminded me of group classes that I used to love at the club. They are familiar and motivating and went by pretty quickly (except for the yoga, read on). I worked out according to schedule with one exception - I did the cardio video instead of plyo, and I didn't complete all of the yoga video (c'mon! It's an hour and a half!). Plus, I used very light weights. Very.

The bad: I have a really cranky lower back that cramped my style a bit. Kenpo was tough because anything that requires standing on my left leg (ie. karate kicking Tony's face with my right leg) causes stabbing pains throughout my tailbone. Ouch. And a bummer since this is one of my favorite workouts. This back thing is a decidedly pregnancy related issue because I had it with P too. So today I visited my amazing chiropractor who gently put me back into place. His long term fix? Get my core and hip areas strengthened ASAP or else this pregnancy is going to suck. Well, not in so many words, but the main idea is that even though I thought I was in pretty good condition coming into this, I have major weaknesses and... Must.Get.Stronger. Who knew making a baby was this tough?

 The ugly: um, well, ME doing each of the videos. I set up my little area with some mirrors Chris had lying around in the basement and, needless to say, I am sooooo glad that Chris has declined my repeated whines to do this with me. I mostly look the exact opposite of stupid Drea, her highness of p90x. But, whatev. At least I'm doing it. So that's the first week of P90x (hereby renamed Preg90x). Not too hard. Mostly fun. Definitely not pretty.


Pregnancy and P90x

When Tony says to "bring it", I'm not quite sure he thought that I'd "bring it" with a bump.  But, that is just what I intend to do to maintain a little strength this pregnancy.  I am 14 weeks now and have just now begun feeling the last effects of morning sickness and I am a little less fatigued.  This time around was rough.  Anything that Mr. Horton throws at me will be easier than that.

During my pregnancy with P, I walked my little patootie off.  {If you know me, you know this wasn't much of a hassle for me because walking is, like, my favorite thing EVER}.  Starting at about week 13 I decided to walk to and from work every day.  Turns out, this was the equivalent of approximately 5 miles/day.  I did this up until the day before my c-section.  I honestly think that staying active was a lifesaver for me.  Not only did it help me bounce back to a decent activity level after pregnancy but moving your body is soooooo good for the soul.  For me, it helps manage the anxiety that I am constantly working to keep at bay.  

So, back to p90x... I've read a couple of encouraging blog postings from women who decided to either start, re-start, or continue doing the routines during pregnancy.  I'm not totally positive that it will remain my mainstay for fitness for the next 26 weeks but I am hoping that it will at least boost me through the next 15 until the days get longer and I can do what I much prefer - which is pounding the pavement.  

I was also certified this past summer as a TRX Suspension trainer {http://www.trxtraining.com/learn/} and I will probably use my sweet little TRX as I modify the p90x workouts.  I can see this particularly useful during a lot of the chest/back workouts.  And, if you're wondering why I don't just go all TRX, well, I haven't found a ton of great pregnancy resources on it so far AND right now I really need the mojo that Tony's videos provide.  Did I really just say that?? I can hardly stand the guy...  

Anyhoo.  Here's my planned schedule of workouts this week:

Saturday – Chest and Back, plus TRX light ab workout
Sunday – Plyometrics... we'll see about this one because, seriously, I hate jumping.
Monday – Shoulders and Arms, plus TRX light ab workout
Tuesday – Yoga X
Wednesday – Legs and Back, plus TRX light ab workout
Thursday – Kenpo X
Friday – Rest or X Stretch
I should also mention that this is not my first go round with Mr. Horton.  Chris and I have done the program {though not in it's entirety} a handful of times over the last few years.  I am in the process of trying to coerce my sweet husband into doing it with me but my p90x one-liners haven't been doing me any favors.  Maybe if I promise to mute it...  


Urban Chicken Farmers

That's us!  We have wanted to join the chicken revolution for a couple of years now and we finally have our very own.  These sweet little chicks were inherited from our sweet neighbors who are moving to Arizona {Boo!} and since we had "chicken sat" for them on occasion, we knew they were darling birds, and we happily agreed to adopt them.  It has been a couple of months now and these ladies have found a way into our hearts.  Paley literally SQUEALS when it's time to go feed them!  And they don't mind that she loves to pet them.  Well, all except for Coco, who seems to be the Weezer of the group.  {Steel Magnolias reference, in case you didn't catch that}...

 Here are Mango, Coral, and Marley

 And this plucky lady is Coco....

 Notice that even P knows to keep and eye on Coco!

 Yes, someone has learned how to let the chickens out.

Here are all of our girls... a gaggle?  A cluck?  A herd?  

These days we aren't getting a ton of eggs from them.  Apparently all life forms flourish in sunshine/daylight {imagine that!} so these short days have the girls not feeling super productive.  That's fine by us.  Because, no matter how many times Chris said to me at the beginning, "They're LIVESTOCK, babe", he definitely has a bond with them and we learned that forcing them to lay by using an artificial light will shorten their laying life.  We think we'll just wait it out and let nature take it's course.  By springtime we'll be back to an overabundance of eggs and we can't wait to start passing them out.



This is my Bestie.  Capital "B".  I love her for so many reasons but today my favorite reason is because she let me take these annoying pictures of her while I played with my new camera.  "Show me.... patience!"

I love you.  Thank you for putting up with me.

White Living

The words "living" and "white" aren't often the most compatible words when it comes to choosing a palette for a house with bambinis.  But, that doesn't stop my little heart from skipping a beat when my peepers catch a glimpse of a house that is as serene and peaceful as this... Welcome to my imaginary white house...

Follow me to the perfect modern/rustic/WHITE kitchen. {Notice the lights below. LOVE.}

Better yet, check out a bathroom that my obsession with bleach will stand up to! {Um, and those oval mirrors...}

All neutral with those chocolate velvet seats... you know I swoon for velvet.  Will banana smash come off this easily??

No muddy fingerprints allowed. Ever.  I mean it. 

Now go home.  I'm too blissed out to deal with company.  Ciao!


Crazy, Lucky, Brave, and Blessed.

It seems appropriate that a new year should be celebrated with a few things.  Resolutions.  Champagne.  Kissing.  New beginnings.  So let's begin {and hang in there, it's worth it}...

Resolution 3 - do something creative every day. 
Resolution 2 - stop glancing at Facebook every time I'm bored, expecting to be entertained.
Resolution 1 - stay mindful of priorities: God, Chris, P, and so on... {more on this another time}

I had a two sips of Kristi's mojito last night.  Classic and then a blood orange.  Classic wins.  That's pretty much the same as champagne, right?

Kissing commenced at midnight.  As all years should end and begin.  It was nice - especially because my husband still tasted a little like the scotch he drank at dinner.  I'm a sucker for a peaty whiff.  

New beginnings?  Well, let's just say that 2012 will usher in a bundle of beginnings for the House of Thorns.  Come July, we will no longer be a family of three... Welcome to the year of "becoming four".  

We are having a baby!!!! 

Yup, another one.  Two under two.  Depending on whom you ask, we are either crazy, lucky, or just plain brave.  We're going with BLESSED.  

Cheers to 2012 and may your year be filled with craziness, luck, courage, and blessings too.