Because time is flying...

I feel so lame.  I can't believe it is the middle of April.  Where do the days go???  Just when I am beginning to feel like things are slowing down a bit... we wind up and sprint forward.  On our walk this morning, we ran into our neighbors who have three kiddos {4, 3, and 1} and I started getting really stoked to have our little man with us finally.  Well, you know... not in my belly.  Running around, following Paley, and mimicking everything she does.  It is finally starting to feel like a reality {as if this big basketball I am carrying around in my abdomen wasn't proof enough} and I'm ready.  Kinda.

Anyhow, I realized how time really does start zooming by and I realized that I should do a "P Lately" segment before she changes again completely.  Here's what our little lady is up to:

- She calls everyone "Mama" or "Mommy" just because it means she wants something
- She has begun to call me "Nat"
- She can count to exactly 3
- Her ABC's are mostly "e" but she's got the tune down like a champ
- She was voted 2012 Most Friendly Neighbor and insists on saying "hi" at least 30 times to everyone
- She talks herself to sleep at night
- She still kisses on the mouth
- If you pat her back, she'll pat yours
- She loves longs walks but now she wants to walk herself and not be in the stroller {our walks are less aerobic these days!}
- She will take the slide by herself
- She LOVES flowers and insists on a daily check of our ranunculus, poppies, anemones, and camelias that are in full bloom
- She's taken to saying "bye, babe!" in a super flirty voice {my little parrot}

Here is a glimpse of our April so far...

 Smelling the flowers

 watching Papa load our new laurel

 feeding Barney the burro at the laurel farm

 Easter Sunday at the park with a million little girls

 Poppies from our yard

posing with Uncle Baby

 Moustaches with Papa and Tyler

Bye, babe!