Update: The West Linn House is DONE-ZO

So many of you have asked recently for an update on the West Linn house and we are happy to report that the new renters moved in this week!  Yay!  Of course, we're still working through a few hiccups but we are so very happy to {hopefully} have our weekends/evenings/life back.

I am happy to report that we survived the renovation with only a mild case of overwhelm, despite adding a complete bath redo and absolute kitchen overhaul {both of which were NOT on our original to do list}.  We also ended up having the exterior of the house painted.  And.... I basically failed miserably when it came to painting {aka. my only real "job" at the house} so we ended up having that hired out as well.

I did, however, keep both kids alive and happy.  So.  There's that.

Chris... well... I just can't say enough about him.  He just work, and worked, and worked.  And never complained.  Like, not even ONCE.  He took on everything and just amazed me every day.  I know this seems impossible - unless you know him, and then you know it's true.  He is superhuman and definitely my hero.

Here's a peek at the house right before the final touches were made.  {Pardon the random upload of the images... and the stuff in the kitchen sink}

Remember how awful it was?

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