2 Corinthians 5:17
If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come.  The old has gone, the new is here

Happy Easter morning!  Today we will celebrate the resurrection, and I can't help be rejoice in the reminder that all things have been made new.  I am humbled and awestruck in the eternal grace that His sacrifice has provided.

This Easter Sunday deserves a party... take a peek at the gorgeous tablescape we came up with at Geranium Lake this week. It reminds me of the freshness and newness of His love!

{all Images by Erica Ann Photography}


Simple Baby Dress

It's springtime and I've got the feevah!  I need sunshine and badly.  I've been daydreaming at my desk about summertime and realizing that this summer will bring a whole host of new adventures for our little family.  I can't wait to introduce P to the wonders that warm summer sun on  bare skin can do for the soul!  In anticipation of said sun worship, I am thinking of making her some simple sun dresses that can easily be worn with bare feet, over swimsuits and diapers.  These absolutely remind me of the cutie pie dresses that I wore my first summer.  I will probably convince the Bestie to join in on this project since I know Gretty B will look adorable in these too and it would be a fun day project!

{this dress will be my pattern}

{love this vintage pattern because these babies look like little dolls!}


Dining Results

I promised a pic of the finished dining table with chairs...

{my sweet helper, unpacking my butter chairs}

{handy & handsome...}

{Tada!  Here's the entire package all together}

We love it but, really, what's the use of a dining table without a family around it??  Enter: la familia for a Mexican fiesta "Thorn style" to break it in!

{Mmmmm, good!}

{Even P got in on the action.  Note: Beans are not her fav but sour cream is delish}

{Mexican at the Thorn's is not complete without the margaritas. Cheers!}

West Elm Dining Inspiration for the Bestie

Today was spent as any good Saturday should be - with good friends and lots of shopping!  This time it wasn't for me {as a matter of fact I didn't event have a single card on me!}... it was for my bestie, and I tagged along as she searched for a little spring newness.  After a few kiddo pit-stops, we landed at West Elm and did our damage.  She was in luck because not only were they having a SALE but they also price matched some items that she bought a few weeks ago!  This meant that we bought things and she still came out with cash back - lucky duck!

Once we unpacked everything at home we realized that there were still some important things missing {aka. an actual statement piece} so we headed to IKEA.  There we purchased 5 large 20x20" Ribba frames in aluminum to create a statement wall, gallery style down her very long entry hall.  All in all it was a pretty productive day but I know there is still so much she wants to do... 

So now I'm at home and thinking of everything that can still be done.  If only my little pot of gold would show up and my "window shopping" could become a delivery truck and installation men!  Here's what I came up with for her dining room:

{Kristi has been in love with this chandelier for months! This has to be her next purchase}

{white dishes because, well, they're pretty}

{I love this rug, it's WE from 3 years ago but the color reminds me of Kristi!}

{Ribba frames that we picked up from IKEA}

{I love this dining table from IKEA, it's very WE but waaaaay cheaper}

{This is my first choice of chairs but not sure what upholstery would look like with 2 kids under 3}

{metal chairs are soooo cool and seriously indestructible}

{I love these cool basket/plates because 1. they're not traditional and 2. they remind me of a trip to Africa that Kristi and her hub took a few years ago}

Just FYI, Kristi is evolving from a country, shabby chic look to a much more modern, clean line look that still has comfort and coziness without all the kitchy.  Her hub's also in medical school and between 2 kids and an extended maternity leave, she's on a budget {as are we all} so this will be a fun work in progress and I can't wait to see how it turns out!


Pink Bathroom Inspiration

This week I brought home some amazing cherry blossoms along with some ballet pink tulips for our new dining room table.  I'm not normally the type to use pink as a neutral {which is what I tend to use when choosing colors for our home}but having these two subtle bits of blush has me dreaming of a pink bathroom!  In no way am I going for a bubble gum look - the MO here is "so pale is it really pink?"....  I think the tiny accent will go swimmingly with the carrera marble topped cabinet that we bought a few years ago. Keep in mind that our bathroom is original to our 1930's cottage so it's much smaller than my inspirations but because of the neutrality of the overall look, I don't feel like it needs a large space necessarily.  Here are the elements... 
{As a rule, we only use white towels because I'm obsessed with the magic of bleach and sometimes I get carried away...}

{One of the things I love about our bathroom is the classic black and white "beehive" tiles with black grout - yay for not having to scrub with a toothbrush! - plus it lends the tiny space instant character}

{A few years ago we purchased a small scaled, powder room bench and matching pedestal table with a carrera marble top... they fit perfectly and provide much needed storage!}

{Martha Stewart: Sea Salt Pink}

{here is part of my initial inspiration - if you live in the NW right now you know how intoxicating these gorgeous branches are!}

{blushing pink tulips are gracing our dining table this very second...}

{oooolalalala... a chrome tub... pretty sure a tub like this is the reason some people have phones and/or televisions in their bathroom... you'd never get me out of this!}

{a flip-flopped version of my color scheme but I still love the marble and hints of pink}

{this is a good example of the SUBTLETY I'm looking for in pink walls... can you see it?} 

{pink + carera marble = love}

{whispering pink!}

Tomorrow we're off bright and early to the Douglas hacienda so that Chris can help Neal build a deck and Kristi and I can take the girls on a jaunt to West Elm.  I'm hoping to be able to paint on Sunday when Chris has to go into the office for a bit... let's hope P takes a long nap!  I'll post pics when it's all done - along with pics of the new dining room table and chairs.  Happy Weekend!