Merry Christmas from the worst procrastinators. Ever.

This year I had lofty goals to produce our first ever family Christmas card.  I knew I would fail miserably after I began receiving requests for updated addresses and I hadn't event begun to start the process myself.  Needless to say, I am still filled with glee when I receive YOUR family cards and they will happily grace our refrigerator until next year.  I love to see the smiling faces, happy families, and babies {some that I have yet to meet!}.

So, THANK YOU for being such productive, efficient, and wonderful friends.  I'm sorry we are so lame.

Here is our version of a late/last minute/but heartfelt Christmas greeting {taken just this morning on our walk, naturally}.

{look who we ran into at the coffee shop! Nana & Poppy!}

Merry Christmas!
The House of Thorns