My One Word

Hi there, 2014. Welcome. Formalities out of the way... 2013 will be a hard one to beat but I've got my heart set on you ushering in big things.  Here's a brief recap of where we're at:

Last year, January 2013: We had, as sometimes happens around here, overslept and missed church. Instead I tuned into a good old sermon on TV and soon found that two words would not escape my mind.

So I wrote it on our chalkboard fridge. 

I Am.

These two words stayed with us for months, staring at me in my kitchen, daring me to believe. To question. To ask. And ohhhhhh my. Did He ever prove over and over that He Is. Now. Then. And in the future. All that we need. It was an amazing year. 

December 2013 (last weekend, actually): while at the coast with our family I asked against the roar of the might ocean, for a word (or two) to start the new year with. I was ready. And He whispered.


So here we are on this New Years Day with no resolutions. Just this one word. What it will come to mean, I truly have no idea. However this one word will be my focus, my prayer, my meditation and I DO know - from the core of my being - that God is always faithful. This word that he has spoken to my heart will refine me. 

Have you ever chosen One Word?  Or are you choosing one this year? I would love to hear what your word(s) has been and what it meant to you over the course of the year.

Wishing you the happiest of years.
- The House of Thorns