Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Here at the Thorn's we have a few simple rules about dinner:

1. We eat at a time typically reserved for those over 65 {because we're freakin' HUNGRY when we get home}

2. The faster the better {maybe this one is just for me since I usually don't cook until I'm ravenous}

3. Eat what you're craving - what's the point of eating something that leaves you unsatisfied? 

4. No food is ever too spciy.

That being said...

1. After dinner we don't snack around much... maybe a piece of fruit or yogurt if we're really wanting something special.  In my mind, the absolute most important time of the day to eat WHOLE foods is at night when you're body is slowing down and moving into repair-mode.  It just makes sense to give your body unprocessed, clean, nutritious food that can be easily broken down and utilized as you sleep. I have no science to back this up, just my own personal theory.

2.Faster for us doesn't mean that it comes out of a box.  It takes about 5 min to steam broccoli {less time than Kraft Mac N Cheese which is nooooo good} and a piece of fish can be broiled in about the same amount of time.  

3. We eat what we're craving with modifications if necessary.  For example, if we're in the mood for pizza, I make my own crust, use tomatoes, garlic and fresh mozzarella cheese, and my own homegrown basil.  It actually tastes way better than a greasy slice of Pizza Hut.

4. We have been known to overdue the chili flakes and need a little refreshment.

Tonight is one of those nights when we NEED something cool and sweet.  We've already had dinner {easy Thai wraps: lettuce leafs from gma's garden filled with plain broccoli slaw, grilled chicken, and topped with fresh cilantro and a drizzle of spicy peanut sauce and chili flakes... YUM!}.  So, I'm making our new favorite special... Banana "ice cream"!

This is sooooo easy everyone should be eating this.  All you have to do is slice a few ripe bananas into little slivers and spread them evenly over a cookie sheet.  Then toss them into the freezer for 1.5-2hours.

Once they're thoroughly cold, drop the frozen slices into your blender or food processor.  Blend, Blend, Blend!  You'll end up with a banana puree that can be scooped into little dishes.

{image and recipe from The Kitchn}

The end result is like the best frozen custard/gelato/deliciousness you've ever had.  Chris likes to top his with dark chocolate shavings and I toss in a handful of walnuts.  I've read that peanut butter and honey both make excellent additions as well.  This is excellent for kiddos too.  Loads of potassium and enough natural sugar to satisfy that annoying craving.  

Seriously, this stuff is Ah.Maze.Ing.  Gotta run... my bananas are ready to be whipped up and my mouth is watering!

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