Welcome to Camp Thorn

We had the funnest {yup, I said it} 4th of July!  How about you?  Our busy week started off with a visit from friends that we haven't seen in years {Team Tankersley} and even the weather blessed us with sunshine and 70 degree weather.  Here's a recap of what Camp Thorn looks like - in case YOU want to come visit!

First came movie night.  Movie night at Camp Thorn is outside because, 1) it's waaaay cooler that way and, 2) we have the smallest living room ever.  The girls even got a little entertainment out of watching their dads set up the big screen {aka. large wooden structure with a white sheet}

Then the 7.5 of us piled into the tent to watch Kung Fu Panda II, eat popcorn, and hide marshmallows from the kids.  Because, seriously, who wants to be in a tent with three kids that are high on sugar??

On the 4th we all overslept so getting to the parade was a test.  Chris had the girls help decorate the wagon.  You can see how much good that did.

The Douglas clan met us at the starting point and we added Gretty to the bubble wagon.  Paley is always thrilled to see her friends!

Yes, that's almost the whole lot of us... and yes, I'm still sportin' the bump.

After the parade, we headed over to Nana & Poppy's for an afternoon of sunshine and lake water.

Our night ended late.  But just the way it should with good friends over.  By 2:30am the last of us had turned in and by 9am Team Tankersley was on their way to Colorado.  We were honestly sad to see them go.  Thank you for visiting Tankersley's!!!!  You have the coolest, cutest, most well behaved kids ever.  We'll see you next time in Arkansas! You will forever be welcomed with open arms at Camp Thorn.

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday as well!

PS.  By this time tomorrow, baby Beckett will be here!  Hooray!  Now, off to do the last of my nesting...