Thanksgiving Vacation: Day 8 - It's Over???

It's been 190 hours and our amazing week of nothingness is coming to an end... and I am now, officially, a believer in staycations.

We have never taken an entire week to just be together as a family - no traveling allowed!  {And, NO, when P was born doesn't count because it was kinda a lot of work!} This week we:

- napped
- hung our Christmas lights outside 
- baked
- watched movies
- took long walks
- napped
- started projects around the house {mostly Chris}
- giggled
- drank coffee
- raked leaves
- cuddled
- played at Frog Pond
- did some real estate stalking 
- napped some more {mostly P and I}

To be honest, there were 2 days that P and I were in jams until after second nap... {And, yes, "second nap" is an official term in the House of Thorns}... 

This might sound enormously sentimental, but, this week has been one that I know I will cherish forever.  And although I'm not sure if we will ever quite capture this beauty of nothingness again, I think we ought to make it yearly goal.  Tonight our home is filled with peace, warmth, and the joy of having soaked one another up every second of the last 8 days.  It's an incredible feeling. Am I high on family time???

Tomorrow Chris will kiss me on the forehead as he walks out the door.  I will eat my breakfast while I watch the TODAY Show and attempt to quietly get ready for work so that P sleeps until the very last second.  I will leave for a job that I love and come home to a family that I will have missed like crazy.  We'll start our daily grind again and rush around until it's Christmas and then wonder where the time went.  But I will think back on this week and remember what a blessing this time was.  I am so thankful.  

Amen for staycations at the House of Thorns.