Farewell boat.

We used to have a boat.  And then we ran out of money to finish our basement.  So my husband sold her.  It felt like a break up.  It was sudden and I was totally out of the loop.  I didn't see it coming.  And she went fast.  So I didn't get to say goodbye.  Here are the last known photos of our sweet, smokey, Georgia, in the good times...  {Yup, our boat had a name}

In truth, Georgia served us well when the House of Thorns was just the two of us.  But now that we've grown {and so have our friends} we aren't getting the use of her that we used to.  

Even when she was protesting {like late at night on the Columbia River when she stopped running altogether}, she was always helping us make memories.  Our summer moored near Sauvies Island is still one of my favorites - and our last as just the two of us before P came along.  And that adventurous night when we hit a sand bar on the Willamette {Ooops.  That one was supposed to be a secret}.  Good times.  

Farewell sweet Georgia.  Cheers and ice creams to your new journey!

PS.  I hate to brag but, seriously, how selfless is my husband?  Georgia was his special gal.  Tons of hours and dollars and love were poured into her over the years and he parted with her on his own to give us a finished basement.  I was surprised but I shouldn't have been.  He's just too cool like that.

PPS.  I'm lying.  I don't mind bragging about my awesome husband one bit.

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