Home again, home again

Coming home from our wild Hawaiian vacation {Tsunami drama!} was like slipping into my favorite cozy sweater {which happens to belong to my sweet husband who wishes that it did not now bear the signs of spit up and slobber}. I won't bore you with the story but, suffice to say, this little home of ours is something of a miracle.  This year we have been blessed almost beyond our wildest dreams.  Of course, we got our Paley girl, and that would have been enough.  But if Paley was the icing on our delicious little cake... well, this house is like the ice cream and sprinkles on the side.  We know without a shadow of a doubt it's from God Almighty himself and I am continuously reminded of his goodness each time I come home.  God moves mountains and God moves molehills.  Amen.

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