New Dining Room

We spent Saturday scavenging around town... Saturday night weighing our options... and Sunday picking up our new dining set!  {Yes, I'm over budget but I've promised Chris I will sell our "old" pieces this week to make up for the difference in price}

{no splinters and it's ok if P hammers away on the tabletop with spoons}

{one for the mama, one for the papa - can't wait to drink my latte here in the morning!}

{Chris loved these chairs and they actually fit perfectly!}

I'm super excited about how it turned out.  I've been cultivating my inspiration for awhile now and it all came together so easily.  And even though I was over budget, we shopped around and even used a coupon to make sure that the purchase would fit our wallet, our home and our new lifestyle {aka. Paley girl}. 

My crystal ball sees many warm and delightful meals here.

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