Simple Baby Dress

It's springtime and I've got the feevah!  I need sunshine and badly.  I've been daydreaming at my desk about summertime and realizing that this summer will bring a whole host of new adventures for our little family.  I can't wait to introduce P to the wonders that warm summer sun on  bare skin can do for the soul!  In anticipation of said sun worship, I am thinking of making her some simple sun dresses that can easily be worn with bare feet, over swimsuits and diapers.  These absolutely remind me of the cutie pie dresses that I wore my first summer.  I will probably convince the Bestie to join in on this project since I know Gretty B will look adorable in these too and it would be a fun day project!

{this dress will be my pattern}

{love this vintage pattern because these babies look like little dolls!}

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