Best Movie Homes

There are few things that inspire my love of homes besides a good movie.  I was that weird kid that would watch a movie just to see what kind of house they lived in and then I'd spread wide my butcher block paper and go to town with my pencils coming up with my own rendition of the floor plan and furniture layout.  Dork, I know.  But to this day there are a few that still strike my fancy and that have formed my taste in abodes as well as decor.  Here are some of my favorites:

Parent Trap I {why did they bother a remake?}

{This California ranch inspired my love for all things low slung and stucco}

{Open walls and tons of outdoor living is my absolute DREAM}

Somethings Gotta Give

{Love the Cape shingles and sweeping driveway}

{The color palette in this room is right up my alley - I love that they used the pale blue as a neutral}

{Again, I love this color palette with the pale blues and grey used with the white as a neutral.  And because I love a topiary}

It's Complicated

{Again, my love of the California Spanish ranch}

{love the rustic touches they used inside}

{I was once in a house with a glass hallway similar to this and it's not as creepy as it sounds... it was pretty awesome so I put it on my list of "maybe somedays"}

{Big marble breakfast bar/island and, of course, copper pots and pans}

{I love that this living room uses individual chairs and not a couch!}

Father of the Bride

{Yeah, who doesn't want to live here??  But I want to drive the car too!}

{As you know, I love using muted colors for neutrals which this house does well with a whipped butter color}

{I love this portico off of the side of the house - this is definitely on my dream house list}

{I added this one for Chris because I know that he looks forward to doing this with P someday}

What Lies Beneath {I swear I only watch this movie because I love this house!}

{Love the pergola side entrance and of course, the lake in the backyard}

{I am imagining many an afternoon with the bestie watching the kiddo's play in the yard from this porch}

{This is pretty traditional staircase as well but it's been updated for a more modern look}

{You know I'm a sucker for a clawfoot}

{And, yes, this one is pretty self explanatory.  LOVE}

Brothers & Sisters

{Love a good tiled roof, stucco, archways and a portico... yup, it's all there}

{I love the gallery staircase but my favorite thing about this house is the linen wall treatment}

{You can't see it very well here but the dining room has the same linen walls which I would love to find someplace to use}

Brady Bunch

{Lovin the ranch... this obsession obviously started with a childhood spent watching Nickolodean reruns}

{I love the look of rock inside plus that staircase is pretty rad}

And last but certainly not least... 


{Because we've always thought it would be awesome to raise our family on or near the water and we even tried to buy a yacht to live on once in SF... long story}

It's fun to see these houses in one big collection because I begin to see patterns.  Sometimes in collecting or decorating it's hard to know why something speaks to you in a certain way and I can definitely see how some of my particular tastes were developed.  

And now I'm off to Casa de Douglas to help the hubs dig up some arborvitae to replant along our back fence.  {Have I mentioned my newfound passion for digging?!}

Happy Weekend!

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