Pregnancy & other things

I guess that's a suitable title to the randomness that is about to follow.  These last few months worth of posts are mostly just trying to keep people updated with life at the House of Thorn's and, trust me, I realize that it may seem somewhat boring.  Thanks for still reading!

In case you haven't been counting, we have no more than 32 days to go before baby Beckett makes his debut. My c-section has been on the books for over a month {yeah, you knew I was a planner} and barring an early labor {not out of the question if you ask me!}, we will celebrate the 4th of July and his arrival 2 days later.

Being pregnant with B has not been super easy.  My bestie says that when she was pregnant with her second she hardly remembered that she was pregnant at all!  Not I, friend.  I feel it all the time.  As a matter of fact, according to my doctor, I felt pregnant a good two weeks before I really was {hence, why I think my due date might be wrong}.  I am fully exhausted, still battling nausea occasionally, having regular bouts of hormonally induced anxiety, and in general, just sooooo not myself.  I won't lie to you.

I am one of those rare gals that actually doesn't think pregnancy is all glamorous glowing gracefulness.  Most days I feel frustrated at my physical restrictions and feel incredibly guilty about not participating around the house as much as I used to.  I have had major bouts of fatigue this time around and entertaining P is sometimes all I can manage.  But, don't get me wrong, the end result of pregnancy is what I'm ALL about and I really am grateful for a healthy 10 months {seriously, why did we ever start saying that pregnancy is only 9 mos??  I wish!} and a nice round belly.

Paley, of course, is up to her regular fabulousness... she is now counting all the way to 10! {see video below}.  Oh, and she is practicing telling me "no" as often as she possibly can.

As for Becks arrival?  Just when I think that I remember what it feels like to have a c-section, easy-peasy... {look at how calm I was before Paley...}

I suddenly remember some awful detail like catheters or blood and then I wonder what the hell I'm thinking!  I'm using the following images to remind me that no matter how surreal and scary it is, this is what I get at the end...

And my heart stops racing and just fills with gratitude and longing and a bunch of other mushy stuff and then all of a sudden, I am fully prepared to brave the unknown to know him, finally.

That pretty much sums up pregnancy & other things around here.  If you're feeling extra charitable, say a little prayer for us all and have a great week!