Berry Wedding Bliss

Today at work I was digging through a pile of June wedding proposals when I came across a bride's request to have their cake decorated with fresh strawberries, mint, and blueberries.  For some reason {maybe my yearning for summer and fresh blackberries} this struck me as so endearing and incredibly Americana.  It's the perfect detail for a small, intimate wedding.  I'm thinking of a ceremony on my parent's boat dock and reception on my parent's easement lawn.  There would canoe rides in the sunshine, cafe lights when the sun goes down, and firefly nets for the kiddos {never mind that I've never seen a lightning bug in Oregon}.  I'd do all red flowers - think ripe strawberry - in piles of lushness.  There would be picnic tables, family style, and piles of fresh rosemary bread, brie, garden tomatoes and golden lemonade which we'd all sip from grandma's mason jars.  Each guest would leave with a red, monogrammed tote {pre-filled with a heartfelt "thank you for coming" card, Bellegem waffle mix from Williams & Sonoma, a carton of fresh Oregon berries, and a bottle of pecan syrup} And sparklers.  Lots of sparklers.

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