Cottage Garden

For some reason, when our house went on the market, the seller spent a load of cash buying lovely plants but placed them hodge-podge style across our non-existent lawn.  It looked like a giant pile of dirt with a checkerboard of plants.  So, last weekend, I put on my rain boots and headed outside with a shovel and and a plan.  Chris and I worked all day and we almost finished.  We've lived with a giant mud pit of a yard for a week but tomorrow the sprinkler system will go in and we'll be one day closer to seeding!  Here's what I'm looking forward to in my garden:

{We have already planted lilac that lines one side of our driveway because I love the idea of coming home and stepping out of my car to the smell of fresh lilac!}

{Forsythia makes me happy!  Who doesn't love a pop of sunshine yellow in the deary NW Spring?}

{Daphne... also because it smells divine...}

{Lavender.  Yes, there's a trend here.  Yum smell.}

{Cafe au Lait is my ALL TIME FAVORITE dahlia... my boss is the only person I know who grows these and they are huge and so pale and perfect.}

{I think I like the idea of the daphne planted something like this over the edge of our retaining wall.}

{Love the height variations and the colors, too!}

{I can't tell if these are English Laurel, or not, but this is also on our list to provide much needed privacy around the perimeter of our side yard.}

{Loving the overgrown look but I'm not sure that Chris would go for it... we are from the land of perfectly green and manicured lawns and he's dying for something to mow.}

{Drapiness!  Is that a word?}

{I'm "digging" this stone path with colorful ground cover grown in between.}

{This is something probably more achievable for us in terms of a pathway since we've already got a peet gravel pathway but we'll see what we come up with!}

My garden/yard looks nothing like this - yet.  But we have faith.  We have a vision and this blog to keep track of our inspirations and, lucky for Chris, I've discovered a love of digging.  Yippee!!

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