Bend or Bust

I am so excited - I can hardly sleep... I am officially on vacation!  A mini, teensy, tiny one but still a getaway with my favorite person and a half to one of my favorite places nearby.  Bend, OR.  We make this trip about twice a year and I always look forward to it.  Summer in Bend if full of outdoor activities, right in the heart of downtown.  Everyone's out walking, eating, floating the Deschutes {did I mention it flows RIGHT THROUGH town??}and skateboarding with their kids.  Duh.  Who wouldn't love this place?!

Babe let's get packed...
Flip flops & tank tops if you've got em
No shoes, no shirt, no problem.
 {yellow Toms that Chris bought me}
 {Jcrew aviators}
{swimsuit because there's actually SUNSHINE across those mountains!}
 {Our kick ass Chariot stroller/world dominator on wheels}
{5 berries + 1 bottle = delightful special to sip on at the pool}

We'll post pics when we get back.  Be prepared to be envious of 80 degree weather, blue skies, and overdue relaxation...  XOXO 


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