Paley Caroline is turning ONE

Today the Bestie reminded me that it's time to plan a Party!  And while we're gearing up for a little celebration in honor of the completion of her first year on this earth...  I could not be more emotional.  Oh geez, I'm tearing up as I type this.  This year has been such a wild ride, full of the biggest and smallest delights that I never knew I'd know.  So intimate and so precious {aha! another P word!}and ever so fleeting.

Our little girl evolves everyday, stretching and moving in a body not quite ready for her.  She is strong -  & strong willed {we don't know where she gets it}. She is loving and kissy and she hugs because she means it.  She loves her GG and her Shelley.  She tells us no when she doesn't like the song we're singing.  She smiles pure joy and her eyes look deep into everyone who catches her glance.  She is smart and gentle.  She doesn't rush. She loves strumming Papa's guitar and watching while he sings.  And when I woke her up this morning, she was lying on her belly and had her blanket pulled over her head just like me. Approaching the borderland of 1, she is shedding her footie jams and walking her way across into being our little girl.

This deserves a party!  WE deserve a party!  The three of us.  For trusting God that he IS.  For making such an incredible little joy.  For sleepless nights.  For anxiety medication.  For making it this far, a year in, still amazed by the depth and whimsy that she congruently brought to our family of two.

God bless The House of {3} Thorns.

{Here are a handful of shots of the P during her first few days here...}

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