Pink Birthday

When I was preggo with P, I was seriously yucked out by the color pink.  I swore that no baby of mine would be shrouded in anything that resembled bubble gum or Pepto-Bismol.  That's why her nursery is done in mostly mimosa yellow and a giant, black, chalkboard wall.

Fast forward to her 1st birthday...

Guess what?! It's gonna be PINK.

Not for lack of creativity on my part, but because, darn it, she has the most adorable tutu to wear on her big day {thanks Dad & Lindsay!} and who am I to stand in the way of a girl and a pink tutu?  Here's my inspiration thus far:

Please pardon my lack of credits here... most of these are straight from my pinterest so feel free to visit me there to learn more.  Now... off to party land!