September at the Thorn's

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who turned one and then got the FLU.  She was a very sad monkey for days.

Her mama & papa cuddled & rocked her for days until, one day, after lots of love... she was all better! Crisis averted.

But mama needed a break.

So the papa took her out for a night on the town.  Well, it was Sunday afternoon.  So they hit up the happy hour. Still, the mama was happy to be out of the house with clean hair for the first time all week.  {TMI?}

A few days later, the little girl was assigned her first job.  As a chicken sitter.  She loved it.

Until she didn't.

A few days later, the mama took the papa on a little, belated birthday trip.  They invited their best friends {Dr. and Mrs. Douglas} and they all four jumped in the car for a road trip.

They drove for hours {3, to be exact} and ended up in a magical land called Emerald City.  Also known as Seattle.  

The four best friends ate incredible food, went antique shopping, stopped at Pike's market...

Ate a donut hole...

And then went sailing!

It was an incredible sunset & the mama & papa were so happy to share it with their friends.

The papa had a very nice birthday.  He drank wine on the boat and finally convinced the mama that their little family should invest in a sail boat of their own.

The next day, the friends headed home because they missed their babies.  Especially the mama & papa.  They were so happy to see this little munchkin...

And then, it was October.