It's lake time, folks!

Ok, so I just posted an update all about me in all of my pregnant glory and then I remembered this:

In case you didn't know it, my husband is a water-man.  He loves anything that has to do with it - swimming in it, fishing it, floating on it... you get the idea.  And like any father who loves something, he is bound and determined to make sure that P loves it too.  So, began her fishing lessons...

First, we dug our own worms from our garden.  

Then, we headed to Nana & Poppy's...

Chris hooked the worms while P watched intently. For a minute.

And then she was bored so she started freeing the worms from their most certain, painful, death.

And finally it was time for the lesson.

Which ended up as less of a lesson and more of Chris sitting patiently with the pole while P wandered the dock chatting away about ducks and boats.

It ended well but P needed a brewsky just for the effort.  {just kidding!  No, we do not give our toddler beer.}

Hope you all had a lovely, summer weekend!