Crazy, Lucky, Brave, and Blessed.

It seems appropriate that a new year should be celebrated with a few things.  Resolutions.  Champagne.  Kissing.  New beginnings.  So let's begin {and hang in there, it's worth it}...

Resolution 3 - do something creative every day. 
Resolution 2 - stop glancing at Facebook every time I'm bored, expecting to be entertained.
Resolution 1 - stay mindful of priorities: God, Chris, P, and so on... {more on this another time}

I had a two sips of Kristi's mojito last night.  Classic and then a blood orange.  Classic wins.  That's pretty much the same as champagne, right?

Kissing commenced at midnight.  As all years should end and begin.  It was nice - especially because my husband still tasted a little like the scotch he drank at dinner.  I'm a sucker for a peaty whiff.  

New beginnings?  Well, let's just say that 2012 will usher in a bundle of beginnings for the House of Thorns.  Come July, we will no longer be a family of three... Welcome to the year of "becoming four".  

We are having a baby!!!! 

Yup, another one.  Two under two.  Depending on whom you ask, we are either crazy, lucky, or just plain brave.  We're going with BLESSED.  

Cheers to 2012 and may your year be filled with craziness, luck, courage, and blessings too.