Week 1: P90x update

Week 1: done! Now, here's the real deal.

The good: I made it through and have loved feeling my sore muscles. It reminds me that I am not turning into mush. I must say, I honestly enjoyed the workouts and they reminded me of group classes that I used to love at the club. They are familiar and motivating and went by pretty quickly (except for the yoga, read on). I worked out according to schedule with one exception - I did the cardio video instead of plyo, and I didn't complete all of the yoga video (c'mon! It's an hour and a half!). Plus, I used very light weights. Very.

The bad: I have a really cranky lower back that cramped my style a bit. Kenpo was tough because anything that requires standing on my left leg (ie. karate kicking Tony's face with my right leg) causes stabbing pains throughout my tailbone. Ouch. And a bummer since this is one of my favorite workouts. This back thing is a decidedly pregnancy related issue because I had it with P too. So today I visited my amazing chiropractor who gently put me back into place. His long term fix? Get my core and hip areas strengthened ASAP or else this pregnancy is going to suck. Well, not in so many words, but the main idea is that even though I thought I was in pretty good condition coming into this, I have major weaknesses and... Must.Get.Stronger. Who knew making a baby was this tough?

 The ugly: um, well, ME doing each of the videos. I set up my little area with some mirrors Chris had lying around in the basement and, needless to say, I am sooooo glad that Chris has declined my repeated whines to do this with me. I mostly look the exact opposite of stupid Drea, her highness of p90x. But, whatev. At least I'm doing it. So that's the first week of P90x (hereby renamed Preg90x). Not too hard. Mostly fun. Definitely not pretty.