Pregnancy and P90x

When Tony says to "bring it", I'm not quite sure he thought that I'd "bring it" with a bump.  But, that is just what I intend to do to maintain a little strength this pregnancy.  I am 14 weeks now and have just now begun feeling the last effects of morning sickness and I am a little less fatigued.  This time around was rough.  Anything that Mr. Horton throws at me will be easier than that.

During my pregnancy with P, I walked my little patootie off.  {If you know me, you know this wasn't much of a hassle for me because walking is, like, my favorite thing EVER}.  Starting at about week 13 I decided to walk to and from work every day.  Turns out, this was the equivalent of approximately 5 miles/day.  I did this up until the day before my c-section.  I honestly think that staying active was a lifesaver for me.  Not only did it help me bounce back to a decent activity level after pregnancy but moving your body is soooooo good for the soul.  For me, it helps manage the anxiety that I am constantly working to keep at bay.  

So, back to p90x... I've read a couple of encouraging blog postings from women who decided to either start, re-start, or continue doing the routines during pregnancy.  I'm not totally positive that it will remain my mainstay for fitness for the next 26 weeks but I am hoping that it will at least boost me through the next 15 until the days get longer and I can do what I much prefer - which is pounding the pavement.  

I was also certified this past summer as a TRX Suspension trainer {http://www.trxtraining.com/learn/} and I will probably use my sweet little TRX as I modify the p90x workouts.  I can see this particularly useful during a lot of the chest/back workouts.  And, if you're wondering why I don't just go all TRX, well, I haven't found a ton of great pregnancy resources on it so far AND right now I really need the mojo that Tony's videos provide.  Did I really just say that?? I can hardly stand the guy...  

Anyhoo.  Here's my planned schedule of workouts this week:

Saturday – Chest and Back, plus TRX light ab workout
Sunday – Plyometrics... we'll see about this one because, seriously, I hate jumping.
Monday – Shoulders and Arms, plus TRX light ab workout
Tuesday – Yoga X
Wednesday – Legs and Back, plus TRX light ab workout
Thursday – Kenpo X
Friday – Rest or X Stretch
I should also mention that this is not my first go round with Mr. Horton.  Chris and I have done the program {though not in it's entirety} a handful of times over the last few years.  I am in the process of trying to coerce my sweet husband into doing it with me but my p90x one-liners haven't been doing me any favors.  Maybe if I promise to mute it...