Urban Chicken Farmers

That's us!  We have wanted to join the chicken revolution for a couple of years now and we finally have our very own.  These sweet little chicks were inherited from our sweet neighbors who are moving to Arizona {Boo!} and since we had "chicken sat" for them on occasion, we knew they were darling birds, and we happily agreed to adopt them.  It has been a couple of months now and these ladies have found a way into our hearts.  Paley literally SQUEALS when it's time to go feed them!  And they don't mind that she loves to pet them.  Well, all except for Coco, who seems to be the Weezer of the group.  {Steel Magnolias reference, in case you didn't catch that}...

 Here are Mango, Coral, and Marley

 And this plucky lady is Coco....

 Notice that even P knows to keep and eye on Coco!

 Yes, someone has learned how to let the chickens out.

Here are all of our girls... a gaggle?  A cluck?  A herd?  

These days we aren't getting a ton of eggs from them.  Apparently all life forms flourish in sunshine/daylight {imagine that!} so these short days have the girls not feeling super productive.  That's fine by us.  Because, no matter how many times Chris said to me at the beginning, "They're LIVESTOCK, babe", he definitely has a bond with them and we learned that forcing them to lay by using an artificial light will shorten their laying life.  We think we'll just wait it out and let nature take it's course.  By springtime we'll be back to an overabundance of eggs and we can't wait to start passing them out.