My Favorite Valentine{s}

If you've ever thought that working in a flower shop on Valentine's Day would be so much fun... mmmmm.... it's just mostly a lot of work, intermingled with some hilariously awkward moments, a headache or two and sore feet.  So it is no surprise that I don't get into this holiday much anymore.  Luckily for me, Mr. Wonderful has the foresight to know what would make my day end with a warm fuzzy feeling.  Thank you, favorite Valentine of mine for:

1. Manzana takeout {is that a mouth full of fish tacos, handsome?}

2. Crazy P Entertainment {tonight she was trying to wink at us}

3. A years subscription to TRASHY MAGAZINE!!!!  {If you read my last post, which Chris obviously did, you'll know he gets bonus points for this one}

4. Early bedtime.  Here I come!