Snowy Weekends

Have I ever mentioned that we have some pretty awesome friends?  This weekend three of them invited the three of us to spend the weekend at their family home at Black Butte Ranch.  We had such a great time just hanging out and I thought you might want to see all of the fun that 4 grown ups and 2 babies can have.

Despite rain when we arrived on Friday night, we woke up to this Winter Wonderland in the morning...

And a few of these...

Thank goodness for these blessed stairs that kept these two entertained and tired!

There was a little making out.

And a few drinks.

Swimming.  Yup, bathing suit AND a cozy hat.  That's how we roll.

Walks.  Although no one thought to mention to the pregnant girl carrying 21 lbs on her belly that the ergo can go on backwards too.  Shame.

More kissing.  Because Rhys and his dad have already had a "talk" and his dad says this is ok.

The Mr's after a long day of skiing... 

I really love this Mr.

Not so much a snow bunny.  We're mostly sunny weather kinda gals.

I can't mislead you.  This was the only picture taken of the two of them sledding in which they weren't both in terrified tears.  Wait, maybe Rhys is crying....

Thank you Ryan, Jaimee, and Rhys!  We love you and are so thankful that you invited us along this weekend.