Lost Hen & Ballet Heros

I can only imagine she was at the end of her rope with the ladies in the coop.  One of our adventurous gals decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood last week.  We noticed the "found" poster on on a pole in front of our house before we even knew she was out.  {Seriously, how adorable is that sign??}  Well, not even HALF as adorable as the seven little girls, still in the ballet clothes, who found her and took her home.

As soon as we saw the poster we called the number and reached a mom who was obviously amused {maybe confused} that someone in her neighborhood had chickens.  I said we'd be there right away so we loaded P in the stroller and walked 8 blocks to get our gal {the mental image of little girls in leotards carrying a hen under one arm is priceless}. 

The girls we so kind to save our chicken.  They were gathered in their driveway waiting for us and one had Coral under her arm keeping her calm and warm.  They loved asking us questions about our chickens - like where we got them and where do they sleep - and we gratefully gave them a carton of fresh eggs and a Peete's card {we assumed that an adult had rescued her so hopefully they gave that to their mom} as a "reward".  We thanked them again and then headed home.  All the while giggling at what an adventure Coral had taken.