Berries & Bubbles & the last of the Belly

Few things in Oregon say "Hold on! Summer is coming, I promise!" like our amazing, freshy-fresh berries.  In some other states, berry picking might be met with a cocked head and furrowed brow, but in Oregon, we LOVE picking our own berries!

As a matter of fact, this little family loves it almost as much as we love eating the berries and yesterday we came home with a whopping $42 worth of berries {luckily I had a Groupon from last summer that was about to expire so it was kinda like getting free berries}Yes, it's excessive.  But we have company coming this week and I did stash some in the freezer for smoothies, and I made real fruit popsicles, and to be honest, we've eaten a ton already - especially the golden raspberries... have you ever seen something so darn pretty?  Sweeter and even more delightful than ever...

PS. We love berries so much, we did this IN THE RAIN. Imagine that.

P has also recently become bubble obsessed - thanks to Nana - and the two of them have been having a blast making the biggest bubbles they possibly can.

In other news, Beckett Jameson will be here in less than a week!  Of course I am still having the best Braxton Hicks but they're still not enough and I'm pretty sure he's going to hold tight until Friday morning.  Naturally, I have a to-do list a mile and a half long but, things in this house have a way of undoing themselves about 3 minutes after I've done them for the last time.  I guess I'm going to just wait until the last minute.  Here's to the last of the belly...

And from the rest of the Thorns... have a fancy Sunday, folks!